Advertising Services

Over two decades of service.

Sharon Cooper Associates (SCA) is a Denver- based Public relations, marketing and advertising firm with both a national and international client base.  SCA is a  “toolkit” with years of expertise and an award-winning, proven record of accomplishment for promotion.

Ad design is a science – art and technique. Our ads work by speeding up your responses, when compared to public relations. Years of practice of placement and design work for today’s audiences. They expect a direct, truthful message peppered with humor when appropriate and designer style. We know how – we have been doing it right for longer.

If you have been using print advertising to promote your product or service, are you offering a solution or a weak suggestion?

Tips to make your ads work:

  1. Use two borders around your ad, with the thicker border on the outside and a thinner border inside. This will cause the reader’s eye movement to go to the center of the ad and directly to the copy.
  2. Make your heading big and bold. The value of your ad is based on the heading being an attention grabber.  Your sub heading can lead the reader into the body of the copy. If people aren’t interested in the heading, they won’t be interested in the rest of what you have to say. NEVER, list the name of your company atop your ad unless that is what you are selling.
  3. Make sure you have a call to action (what the reader is supposed to do) and contact information clear and readable.
  4. Advertising is the essence of promoting solutions to problems.