Public Relations Services

Public relations can set your promotion on fast drive and keep it there if it is positive.  While you maintain less control over what is said, how it is said and where it is said as that is up to the press to see, hear and interpret, it is magic.   When you purchase advertising, you know what is said and where it will be seen or heard as you have designed the materials.  Not so with media placement and public relations.  That is why you need a guide though the process to present the story to the media, provide media coaching and spin the story whenever possible.

Sharon Cooper Associates, Ltd. has years of experience in working with media, writing and placing stories, and in being interviewed.

It’s what you say, how you say it that can make all the difference – movements so subtle but create the emotion you want to promote your idea.

Crisis communication – This is a highly specialized arena for the courageous and experienced only.  The right communication can facilitate a change in negative public reactions or correct errors.


In a crisis, own the problem, define the steps of how it will be corrected and who is responsible… the right words, the right actions.