Available Speakers

Reggie Rivers

Motivational Keynote
  • "Overcoming Obstacles"
  • "Dare to be a Leader"
  • "Writing Right"
Event Auctioneer
  • "Power Shift"
  • "4th and Fixed"
  • "My Wife's Boyfriend"

Fees negotiated upon request

Reggie Rivers is a former NFL running back who played six seasons with the Denver Broncos (1991-1996). Reggie is the weekend sports anchor at Denver’s Channel 4 KCNC (CBS), is a columnist for Pro Football Weekly and is a featured guest commentator on “Court TV.”

Reggie is the host of a weekly television show titled, “Drawing the Line” on KBDI, Channel 12 in Denver and “Common Good,” on Denver’s Comcast 5.

Reggie is an in-demand speaker for corporations, organizations, schools and other groups. In 1994, he wrote “The Vance: The Beginning and The End,” the as-told-to autobiography of former Denver Broncos wide receiver Vance Johnson. In 2000, Reggie wrote a novel titled “Power Shift,” which is a mystery about a professional football player and a sports reporter who hate each other. Reggie completed his second novel titled “4th and Fixed” about a crime family trying to fix professional football games. This novel was released by Sourcebooks in 2004 and optioned for a movie by Mission Pictures in 2005.

Reggie has received numerous community service awards that recognize his commitment of “giving back” to the community.

Don Gallegos

Motivational and/or Leadership
  • “Win the Customer, Not the Argument”
  • “How to be the Employer of Choice"
  • “Building a Great Leader"
  • "Win the Customer, Not the Argument"

Fees negotiated upon request

It's a different marketplace. Don Gallegos, national customer service expert and published author, has the answers to build and hold onto a customer base.

Former president of King Soopers, Don Gallegos is an entertaining and marketing - savvy keynote speaker who entertains while he teaches. From the customer perspective, Don provides answers on how to stop the switchers, why solicit customer complaints and how to write customer policies that work. From the employee perspective, Don has key strategies on how to have satisfied employees who pass their happiness along to customers.

With Don's expert “know-how,” you'll be able to compete in the hottest competitive markets, and build loyalty. Don’s book, “Win the Customer Not the Argument” is an in demand easy read.

Karen Karsh

Motivational/Musical Keynote
  • “Music with a Message”

Fees negotiated upon request

Spellbinding! Uplifting! Motivational! Insightful! Karen Karsh is a keynote performer whose program is insightful and musical. She can perform alone or backed with musical accompaniment. Blind from birth, Karen is gifted with incredible insight to the soul whose professional singing voice touches the hearts of all who hear her, charting a universal journey of self-discovery through words and original songs.

With a unique format, Karen’s message provides answers about diversity, adversity and coping with blindness in a sighted world. Her musical performances are dotted with her true-life stories, such as those relating adventures with her guide dog. Karen’s zest for life asks, “Who said a blind person can’t drive?” Her voice resembles Ella Fitzgerald’s – with optimism, humor and personal sharing.

Karen is an experienced musician with an impressive resume, highlighted by numerous appearances on national and local television programs. She has guided young school-based artists to the discovery of their own voices through song writing and school appearances.

“If one person can truly make a difference in people’s lives, Karen Karsh is the one.” The Denver Post

Diane Van Deren

Motivational Keynote
  • “Making Great Strides”
  • “Getting into Gear”

Fees negotiated upon request

“It is not only about the win,” says internationally renowned, award winning sportswoman and elite athlete.  Hear how Diane Van Deren tell how she applies the “drive” to every area of her life – overcoming great obstacles – to enhance her personal, family and professional life. 

A sports protégée, Diane developed life - threatening epilepsy that limiting all areas of her adult life.  When the medical field ran out of treatment option,  Diane opted for a risky brain surgery and is now seizure free and earning national awards and media recognition for her efforts.  Diane tells the story of her journey and how she has learned to “drive” her life and activities.  Recently, NBC’s The Today Show named Diane, “Extraordinary Mom,” recognizing her remarkable ability to “mother” her family through this experience.

In spite what she endured, Diane competes on the level of other nationally renowned ultra athletes and wins.  Diane says, “I use my legs to let others know they too can drive their own destiny, in spite of obstacles.”  Find out how Diane’s “secret zone” can help you discover your own life’s power, applying to career or personal life.

Susie Wargin

Motivational Keynote
  • “How to Get off the Bench”


Fees negotiated upon request

She has it. She has the energy, the spark and the right words to engage people to listen. Susie Wargin also knows how to draw people out. Most of it’s innate. Some of it is learned behavior from watching people and extracting the right formula for success. Susie’s arena is sports. Susie’s sports expertise is a window to the rest of the world – magnified.

Award winning sports anchor and reporter for 9NEWS, Susie has spent time behind the bench but has never been sidelined. She has outrun, outscored and outperformed others in her field, all the while scoring high points in life.

Susie is no “cookie-cutter” sports anchor. Hear Susie’s five concrete strategies for and overall leadership game strategy - winning in life. Add her own twist and personal insights and you know her formula for seizing and running with opportunity both on and off the field. Success evolves from reading others accurately, including those whose performances are in the public eye the while scoring high points in life.

Susie spent over 14 years (and counting) working her way up in a gender-dominated industry. She Rocked the Rockies as a midday DJ for KBPI, was the first female sports reporter for 850 KOA Radio, and hosted the Prep Rally and Sonny Lubick Shows for 9NEWS. Since 2004, Susie has been 9NEWS’s the first full-time female sports anchor in Denver history. To Susie, there is no glass ceiling, just inertia.

Boris Draznin, M.D., Ph.D.

Motivational and Health Keynote
  • “Ten Borisisms for Better Health and Staying Thin”
  • "The Draznin Plan"
  • "The Adventures of the Soup Man"

Fees negotiated upon request

Boris Draznin, M.D., Ph.D. is a leading expert in the treatment of diabetes. His approach to programs is good information presented with humor.

Experts say, for those born in the year 2004, 1 out of 3 will become diabetic. “A change in lifestyle can prevent type II diabetes,” says, Dr. Draznin, whose book, published by Oxford University Press, is titled “The Draznin Plan, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Diabetes.”

Dr. Draznin presents easy- to- follow -advice for improved health, energy and a thinner body. As a renowned, internationally honored researcher, Dr. Draznin has been able to reverse diabetes in some patients. He is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Director of Research at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Dr. Draznin publications include 12 books, book chapters, and over 120 scientific articles on diabetes. Dr. Draznin has presented keynotes for scientific and non-scientific national and international programs.

Tom Jensen

Motivational Keynote
  • “How to Do Anything You Want… Better”
  • “Confessions of a Substitute Teacher”
Professional Conductor

Fees negotiated upon request

Tom Jensen is a broadcaster, musician, educator, author and keynote speaker. He has created a media presence in three venues – radio, television, and print, while serving as a leading marketing force in the local orchestra arena. Tom has earned recognition for bringing award-winning music education programs and concerts to thousands of students annually. In addition, Tom conducted the Colorado Ballet and nationally, the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, along with many others.

Tom wrote, “Confessions of a Substitute Teacher,” using his heartbreaking personal story and return to education to outline how education falls short and how it can improve. Tom has successfully used marketing to raise funds for the Colorado Springs Orchestra with a 24-hour marathon that brought national media attention.

Tom is a renowned talent within the national circle of orchestra and symphony associations as a conductor, facilitator, and marketing consultant. For all other audiences, he is a stand-up lifestyle humorist.